A Puro Guide to Holiday Shopping, Eating and Drinking

A Puro Guide to Holiday Shopping, Eating and Drinking


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Like we say “we’re all about connecting people with great local businesses!”


Let’s be honest… we are about two weeks away from Christmas and most of us procrastinators last minute shoppers have no clue where to start. We want to grab some stellar gifts or Treat Yo Self  items, but we want to do our civil duties and help support local businesses. Well thankfully we’re keeping it Puro San Antonio and featuring some great gems around town. Whether we want to admit or not, gift shopping would be a lot more fun if we could actually make a Sunday Funday out of it. So we’ve focused on a few stores and who they appeal to packaged (like bacon wrapped jalapeños) with a solid drink and food spot to check out! Might as well reward ourselves while gift shopping correct? #tistheseason


Culture Enthusiast / Foodieo-4

Melissa GuerraFrom native spices to Dia De Los Muertos memorabilia you can find almost anything that’s relative to our great culture. This is a great store located within the Pearl Area that’s tucked neatly across the paved road from Local Coffee (their Ginger Plum tea is legit). Memories of your childhood will come back to you as you pass the aisles featuring Lotería and the little monitos in a box to store your prayers and worries.




La Gloria: nothing like sipping on a mangonada while you’re sitting on their outdoor patio with Tacos Al Pastor overlooking the Riverwalk.



 Sternewirth: The newest bar at The Pearl, located inside the Hotel Emma, and the décor inside is impeccable. Think nautical meets prohibition. Don’t say we didn’t warn you… the drinks are boozy as one living in the prohibition era would expect!




Camilla Crown– Crazy to think this boutique store has only blessed San Antonio for a year! Known for their wide offering of fashion focused items without the crazy boutique prices. You can find eclectic sunglasses from Quay and great items for any occasion. They’re also known for pop up shops throughout the year including this month highlighting local artist Analy Diego with a commemorative Star Wars influenced collection.




Hoppy Monk – If you’ve ever wondered how the Vikings were merry when dining and drinking then this is the place for you. You’ll enjoy yourself in a massive Public House executed in beautiful oak wood. Their beer selection is stellar (no worries they have liquor offerings as well), but their food selection is not your typical bar menu. Expect their menu to feature items such as Kale & Pork Belly or Duck Carnitas Tacos. If you’re not sure you’ve found this Stone Oak gem keep an eye out for their beer tap fountain.



Music Enthusiasto-9

Hog Wild Records – In a time of online downloads and free music streaming there are those who still support the arts and want to have a physical copy of their music. You can find anything from trance to house, metal to old school, and R&B to country… trust us they’ll have a wide array of offerings. One of the nice touches here is how you can preview the music before purchase. You can expect to find cd’s and vinyl’s during your visit!

o-11The Cove – Ever had a meal at a car wash? If not then it’s time to cross this off your bucket list. They live by one mantra here with their food- SOL (sustainable, organic, local). Check it out and munch on some specialty tacos with live music in the background as your downing a draft beer and getting your car washed.



Sancho’s – This is the place to be if you want to drink at your grandparent’s house without the guilt of drinking your merry self away. Converted from a house where a family once lived you’ll gain a sense of nostalgia even though it wasn’t your family. They strictly serve Mexican lagers and eclectic drinks like avocado margaritas; and of course tequila!







-Tomas R, Yelp Community Manager for San Antonio

A night owl who absolutely loves craft beers, live music, food, and all things “210”.



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December 15th, 2015

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