Club Curations Vol. 12 – Abe Novy

Club Curations Vol. 12 – Abe Novy
House, Tech House, Funky House
Release date
08 March 2016
Abe Novy
Club Curations Vol. 12 – Abe Novy
08 March 2016 | House, Tech House, Funky House

As I scroll through the many dance music event pages that fill my facebook feed daily, I often wonder if some (not all) of the promoters or DJs posting them with exclamations of underground grandeur know or took a moment at any time to research San Antonio’s underground dance music history. Before the Ultra Lounges, and way before our craft cocktail bar explosion, San Antonio (working in conjunction with Austin and their scene) had a thriving dance music community. Since the early 90′s I can remember seeing flyers placed on various venues and retail establishments. (Does San Antonio remember the Blue Moon and Nomadic Notions?) Of course, at that time, I was a bit too young to be out and about raving my little heart out, but fast forward to the late 90′s and I was able to experience it first hand. I was always in search of flyers and always in awe of the mysteriousness most of them conveyed. Throughout those years, there was always one name that was prominently displayed on the many many flyers I collected, and that name is this month’s curator, Abe Novy.

As a member of Orbit Productions, Abe Novy and his partners were a part of numerous parties throughout San Antonio and are also best known as holding SA’s first underground rave aptly titled, “Prophecy.” From there spawned numerous rave events throughout the 90′s and early 2000′s each with their own vibe and stories to tell (or not).

Enter the Crack House Law…

“a federal statute codified in 21 USC § 856 which makes it a felony to knowingly open, lease, rent, use, or maintain any place for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing, or using any controlled substance. It permitted the Justice Department to prosecute property owners who knowingly and intentionally allowed others to use their property to hold events for the purpose of distributing or using drugs.”*

This basically meant it was open season on any promoters or venues who were hosting dance music events on the premise that they were havens for rampant drug use.

And just like that, the scene shrunk.

There were still people and crews trying to keep dance music alive albeit in a smaller sense and carried much of it through the 2000′s but within the past few years, the dance music scene has gone through a revitalization of sorts. Abe and the Soul Family crew saw an opportunity to bring headlining artists such as Robbie Hardkiss, Joeski, and plenty plenty more to San Antonio and found their sweet spot in the historical and hip SouthTown area.

Over the past 20 years, Abe built up an arsenal of various music and talent behind the decks that is apparent in his live sets and in the mix he has graced us with this month.

My advice is to listen to this loud and on a system or headphones that will do it justice, but even if you don’t have any of the above, it comes correct with the depth and groove that one will always come to expect from Mr. Abe Novy.

Catch Abe Novy and the rest of the Soul Family every Second Saturday of the month at Southtown 101 for their monthly E:merge event that caters to an active dance floor of loyal patrons fed an eclectic mix of House, Techno, and other underground music curiosities.

Abe Novy’s Soundcloud
Soul Family Facebook Page
Soul Family Website

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