Club Curations Vol. 13 – Dj Cece

Club Curations Vol. 13 – Dj Cece
House, Classic House
Release date
12 April 2016
Dj Cece
Club Curations Vol. 13 – Dj Cece
12 April 2016 | House, Classic House

Where do I even begin with this month’s curator? It’s hard to find words that adequately describe just how influential this particular Dj has been to my own career. I guess I could start in the late 90′s as a teenager experiencing clubs for the first time. I knew I liked dance music, but my knowledge was extremely limited and I had no idea how it felt to be immersed in it until I was able to go out and experience it for myself. Once I was out, I was hooked and just like any teenager, it was something so exciting and new, I wanted to experience it often.

In many of the clubs I would frequent, I found that one of the main Dj’s who held weekly residencies on many of the main packed dance floors of the scene was a woman. Keep in mind, clubs back then were set up very different compared to today. Currently, you’ll find Dj’s are usually on stages where they are the main attraction. Then, there were actual booths, that hid the Dj away from the spotlight and made the music and lights speak for them instead. You didn’t know who was behind the booth until you actually went up to talk to them. As I found myself falling in love with the music, I began to muscle the courage to walk up to the Dj booth and inquire about the tracks that were being played; usually with a cocktail napkin and random pen borrowed from the bar in hand. There were no apps such as Shazam nor were there smart phones to take notes down or to snap quick pictures of laptop screens which also weren’t a part of Djing culture just yet. Many of the times I nervously walked up with the excitement and joy of hearing a new track, I was met with the generosity of this Dj who was always willing to offer the name of what was being played. The next day, after finding the crumpled up napkin in my pant pocket, I would usually include a trip to Hogwild Records on Main to find the matching CD Single.

As time progressed I would find myself going up to the booth more often with a growing curiosity of how it all worked. I was always very respectful, and would ask if I could just sit quietly for a few minutes to observe. I watched as this Dj skillfully mixed tracks into each other without any mistakes on vinyl as well as CD dual decks (a few years later), while also maintaining the light show to go along with the music and add to the atmosphere. As a Dj that has tried to maintain both during gigs as well, it is a very difficult thing to do and I have never come close to the expertise she showed on those nights I was granted access to view. She let me ask questions and she patiently answered and walked me through some of the steps.

A few years later, I would begin my own Dj journey. I owe a huge part of my success and dance floor wins that I’ve had as a Dj to her.

These days, there is always talk of new female Dj’s being at the forefront or pioneering the way..but I say they have no idea what they are talking about. San Antonio has had a female Dj paving the way for us for over 20 years. That Dj is this month’s curator, Dj Cece.

Cece held residencies at all the major gay clubs in the late 90′s through today and has always had the newest and freshest dance tracks that kept our young and wild selves on the dance floor till the wee hours of the morning. Her love of music and the passion she has always had for providing the perfect soundtrack to our night lives shows in every transition.

The mix she provided for us this month, includes a grip of top notch Classic House cuts that are smooth and just as expected, mixed with the precision that only comes from experience and I’m excited to share.

You can catch Dj Cece at her current weekly residency (every night except Mondays) at The Pegasus Night Club in the main room and at Hogwild Records if you’re looking for some dance floor gems.

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