Carlton Zeus “Alpha Child” Video Release

Carlton Zeus “Alpha Child” Video Release

Our homie Carlton Zeus has just released an off-the-hook new video for his single, “Alpha Child” from his upcoming “Nine Lives Three Wishes” EP.

Carlton Zeus is a San Antonio-based hip hop artist-songwriter that always keeps it puro. He brings the feel good sounds and makes every party bump. We can’t wait to see what he does next… and you can bet your sweet @ss he’ll be in a Puro Pinche production very soon!

We love the vocals from our friends Alyson Alonzo and Nick Mery!

The hairstylist for the video, Dominic Alonzo, is also one of my hairstylists AND did hurr at the Puro Pinche KISSES Pop Up.

The production and direction of the video is amazing so big ups to our friends Danny Owen-Kohutek, Danny Maldonado, Laura Varela and crew!

“Alpha Child” single off upcoming “Nine Lives Three Wishes” EP Jan 2014

Feat. Alyson Alonzo
Produced by Ace 1
Backing Vocals by Merykid & Stan Wayne

Based on a True Story:

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January 2nd, 2014