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Earth Burger: Good For Your Body, Not Bad On Your Wallet

Earth Burger: Good For Your Body, Not Bad On Your Wallet

by Kristin Sramek & Miles Terracina

We got a sneak peak at Earth Burger last week and it was pretty damn good.  Co-founder of Green, Mike Behrend, had an open invite to the Earth Burger pop up menu at Green Vegetarian Cuisine’s Pearl location.   Earth Burger offers a fast food concept that’s all vegetarian and one of a kind. San Antonio can take part in this vision by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign online or at Green.

We arrived early to beat the rush while the staff was still preparing for the onslaught of guests.  The planters around the perimeter of the patio are filled with herbs including spearmint and other leafy greens.  Not only do they add to the scenery but they are also practical for the chef. The hostess promptly greeted us with a smiling face, asked about our seating preference and escorted us to our booth inside.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMenu options included the “fish” sandwich, kid’s meals, and a gluten-free burger.  Sides included fries, hummus with carrots, and kale salad with sunflower seeds and carrots.  We were truly impressed by the consistency with which earth friendly and health conscious food and utensil choices were made for our meal.  Our tableware included compostable utensils, plastic cups made from 25% post-consumer recycled plastic, and biodegradable to-go containers and dipping sauce containers.

We ordered:
The Earth Burger with cheese: Fresh lettuce, pickled red onions, fresh tomatoes, and a patty that was meaty without trace of animal flesh while still maintaining a charbroiled flavor sat inside a toasted whole-wheat bun.


The Chik-N Tender Basket:  Four whole grain battered wheat meat tenders that taste better than nuggets, make you full, and leave you guilt free.  The accompanying agave nectar-mustard dipping sauce was according to Miles, “ta-dow!”  According to Kristin, “delightful.”  We took our extra one home.


**side note** The fresh squeezed lemonade with chia seeds is so good.  You can’t go to Green or Earth Burger without getting at least one.

The staff was extremely friendly, Chef Behrend even came out to greet us and ask us how we liked our meal.  For the price of a Chick-fil-a combo you can get an all veggie meal and feel good about what you ate.

The proposed location is a type of “Four Corners” of San Antonio, where north meets central and east meets west. The area is surrounded by diversity and is accessible to both cars and multiple Via bus lines. Even tourists, coming from the airport, wouldn’t have trouble locating the restaurant.  Earth Burger is going to enhance the experience for San Antonians who frequent Park North Shopping center and the nearby North Star Mall.   The alternatives that Earth Burger customers would appreciate are also the same as those that are offered at locations such as Plato’s Closet, Alamo Drafthouse and World Market.

San Antonio’s image of being a “city on the rise” with it’s recent brain gain among its citizenry, means that people here care about pro-social food choices that aren’t only good for their own physical health, but fair to animals and good for the environment.  Earth Burger’s vision of mostly vegan and all vegetarian fare is speaking to this informed audience in the form of a menu with food choices that delight the palate and feed the soul all while providing fast food and drive-thru service.

San Antonio’s future looks much brighter than when we were ranked as the fattest city in America.  Earth Burger is offering the people of San Antonio, especially those who manage diabetes and struggle with weight, better fast food options.


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April 17th, 2014

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