Altered Landscape #FotoSeptiembre

Altered Landscape #FotoSeptiembre
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Altered Landscape #FotoSeptiembre

Clamp Light
1704 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78202
07:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Clamp Light Artist Studios & Gallery and FOTOSEPTIEMBRE are excited to announce, “The Altered Landscape” a group exhibition assembled by artist curator Tom Turner. “The Altered Landscape”, a FOTOSEPTIEMBRE event, will be held at 1704 Blanco Rd Suite 104. The photographic exhibition is on view September 11th – 30th; with an opening reception September 11th from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Tom Turner is excited to present “The Altered Landscape” a group exhibition consisting of photographs by 12 national artists whose work contemplates human intervention into the land. The imagery included in this exhibition represents an array of topographies from deserts to forests; each work provides us with a poetic perspective of a contemplative landscape. These photographs are developed from each artist’s creative impulse to visually articulate and convey their independent vision and the diversity of our remarkable American geography. The imagery included embraces an altering of perspective to the land whether that of an unexpected angle, an unanticipated human incursion into the tranquil scene, or a changing of frame drawing attention to the land through a singular approach.

“The Altered Landscape” artists include: Anna Brody, Ray Ewig, Corina Gamma, Steve King, Karen Larson-Voltz, Marios Liolios, Kendall Mcminimy, Marc Newton, Jennings Sheffield, Rebecca Sittler, Andrew Thompson, and Johanna Warwick.

In conjunction with “The Altered Landscape” exhibition, Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery is excited to welcome four new resident artists. New artists; Colleen O’Brien, Jose Villalobos, Jen Frost Smith, and Sunday Ballew will join Carol Cunningham, Sarah Roberts, and Tom Turner as resident artists & co-directors of Clamp Light for the coming year and will be working in ceramics, painting, sculpture, jewelry, printmaking, performance, installation, and photography.

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