ART OF WAR: Beat Alert Registration page

ART OF WAR: Beat Alert Registration page
/ Aug

ART OF WAR: Beat Alert Registration page

Josabi's Live Music & Bar
17200 TX-16 N, Helotes, Texas 78023

BEAT ALERT (producers battle)
Going down the ART OF WAR Feat GHOSTFACE KILLAH show on August 29th Josabi’s Live Music & Bar

All participants must purchase a ticket to the show.

Producers will be pitted against each other round for round until there is only one left.

The live set must consist of some live element produced during the performance; drums, scratching, sampling, juggling, mixing, etc. Three judges then score their performances on a scale from 0-10 for a total of 30pts. Highest score wins.

Producers automatically receive 4pts for competing their set of 5 mins. You must complete 5 mins or be disqualified. You can then earn 6 more additional pts indicated below from .00-1pt.

1) Overall Quality: Coherence, structure, artistry, originality
2) Artistry: Imagination, Originality, Use of innovative techniques
3) Performance: Confidant and commands attention
4) Equipment: MPC, Keyboards, Guitar, Drums, computer
5) Live component: drums, scratching, keyboards, sampling,
6) Crowd Reaction: Creates energy the crowd can feel

DJ for Beat Alert: DJ Chacho


1. Erick Progeny Frias – Defending champion
2. Zerk Tronic
3. Jacob Benavides Hedknodic
4. Tommy Alt aka GUDETAR
5. Caspo Gusto
6. Chris Fonseca
7. Marcel Andrie Wolfgang Pean
9. Luke Martinez
10. Julian Arenas
11. Mad Hat
12. Eous
13. Matthew Champion
14. Rico Vinilo
16. Victor Medellin


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