Battle of the Beers

Battle of the Beers
/ Nov

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Battle of the Beers

Big Hops Huebner
11224 Huebner Rd, Ste 204, San Antonio, Texas 78230
All Day



It’s the busiest night of the year for the bar industry, and we’re betting that we can float two full kegs of beer in one night! The question is, which one will float first? We’re pitting our two most popular pale ales head-to-head to determine the fan favorite! Kevin from Ranger Creek and Michelle from Karbach will be here to support their products, and the winner of the competition will get the distinct honor of throwing a pie in the face of the loser! Both beers will be tapped at noon when we open (special holiday hours!) Winner will be declared at 10 if one hasn’t floated before then, but we’re confident that that won’t be the case! Come vote for your favorite!

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