Black Out: Works by Justo Cisneros

Black Out: Works by Justo Cisneros
/ May

Black Out: Works by Justo Cisneros

K23 Gallery
702 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78201
07:00 pm

For the month of May we will be showing new and previously exhibited works by Justo Cisneros. This exhibition features large hand drawn black monochrome pieces displaying a heavy dose of sexual, violent, and bizarre imagery. These hand drawn subjects highlight idiosyncrasies of explicit fantasy which present themselves through sexual, religious and social themes. The ‘Black Out’ series illustrates the radical nature of cult like characters aggressively converging with themselves in extreme behaviors.

About The Artist
Justo is an American artist currently living in Texas. “To produce my work, I converge line drawing and graphic design practices which is heavily influenced by animation, early psychedelia and various design disciplines. I am actively involved in various collaborative projects along with producing new work which ranges from installation, drawing, graphic design, art, and photography.


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