Bruk Out DDLM

Bruk Out DDLM
/ Oct

Bruk Out DDLM

La Botanica
2911 N St. Mary's
10:00 pm


Together we celebrate the lives of our loved ones on the weekend of the traditional holiday of Dia De Los Muertos. Offerendas and calavera costume encouraged.

This time we’re doing it bigger and better than last year with a double headliner! Moombahton originator, DAVE NADA & Boogat!

Dave Nada, creator of moombahton, memes, Dave Tv 🌞, & fake news. Without this man, we wouldn’t have any of the popular sounds that are taking over the mainstream music scene!

Boogát is a Canadian-Mexican musician from Montreal (Qc, Canada), blending hip-hop with Latin Music styles such as Cumbia and Reggaeton. He won the ”Juno Award” and the ”Félix Award” for ”World Music Album of the Year” for his album ”Neo-Reconquista”, respectively, at the ”Juno Awards 2016” and the ”ADISQ 2016”.

Bruk Out! is San Antonios exclusive tropical and global bass crew. Founded by Isaiah.fromtexas and Sonora in 2013, the crew has created much needed scene for Caribbean and latin music in San Antonio. Being called the “21st century reinvention of Miami bass”, (Remezcla), Bruk Out! pushes boundaries with sounds from South America, the Caribbean and even stretches as far as Africa to leave you feeling as if you just took a journey across the world. The crew has worked with many artist and crews, including Peligrosa, Bombon, Blackout, Dutty Artz’ Riobamba, Deltatron of Terror Negro, Discos Mas, Cumbia Sazo, Sazon Libre, Fania records own Calentura as well as many national brands such as Johnnie Walker, Mikes Harder, Red Bull, Remezcla and more.


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