Burros y Burras

Burros y Burras
/ Apr

Free Entry

Burros y Burras

La Printeria Anexo at Freight Galleries
1913 S Flores St
05:00 pm - 08:00 pm



Shut Up and Dance burros y burras!!

“Shut Up and Dance” is one of L.A. Vatocosmico’s most iconic paintings.

Master printmaker Arturo Negete has printed a limited edition of 100 prints. Join us at La Printeria at Freight Gallery on April 15th to meet L.A. Vatocosmico, aka, L.A. David, and help us silkscreen the final color of ink on this print live. This will be your first opportunity to get this print in your collection and the only opportunity to purchase it for $100.00.

The original painting of “Shut up and Dance” will also be available for purchase that eventing.

From the Artist:
My objective in regards to my ”Chicano Pop Arte” culture entails in essence a social and political consciousness engaging the mental and spiritual genesis. My arte is eccentric satire with a mixture of cosmic fusion.
In reality I’m not your typical traditional artist. Some Burros Cosmicos described my visual arte as being hysterical pop avant-garde. I simply stimulated myself into a trance of experimental visualization.
This is why I have profundity in dealing with my cosmic Chicano roots – L.A. David—-

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