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The Aztec Theatre 104 N St. Mary’s St San Antonio, TX 78205
The Aztec Theatre 104 N St. Mary’s St San Antonio, TX 78205
07:00 pm


Take the best songwriters and the best singers, add the most exciting performers and the best all around personalities, throw in the hottest looks and the sexiest smiles — mix them all together and the finished product would probably look and sound a lot like Ciara.

The 18-year-old beauty from Atlanta is the latest multi-talented scenestealer to nudge her way to center stage with attention-grabbing vocals, irresistible songwriting and killer dance moves.

Ciara – a ‘military brat’ who has lived in Germany, New York, California, Arizona and Nevada- has found herself in the mix with some of the city’s biggest and brightest producers, among them Jazze Pha — who signed Ciara to his Sho’ Nuff label after working with her for a mere five days — and his royal crunkness Lil’ Jon, who produced the singer’s lead single, the “Crunk & B” cautionary wrist-slapper “Goodies.” Ciara is only the second artist (the first was Usher with his hit single “Yeah”) to release a Crunk & B song. Says Lil’ Jon of the newly-formed genre, “Crunk & B songs are R&B songs that get you crunk. They make you wanna wild out. ”


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