Content Under Pressure

Content Under Pressure
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Content Under Pressure

Universal Style School at the TPY-Urban Store
525 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, Texas
07:00 pm

The mission of Content Under Pressure (CUP) is to bring local and international artists of all genres together in a live exchange and exposition of creativity. For our fifth festival year, TPY-Urban is partnering with Universal Style School (USS), to focus our efforts on community vitalization, this year hosting an “Urban Life Festival”.

The core of this three day festival will be live painting. Over 60 aerosol stylists from around the globe will be visiting San Antonio to beautify and vitalize our block with vibrant murals and masterpieces.

Day 1, Friday evening, we invite registered artists for a meet and greet at the Paintyard.
We will warm up with some live painting at the Appliance Warehouse venue, adding fresh contributions to pieces and murals existing at the location. Headlining artists will paint live, beginning their collaboration – Pose2, Sano, Wizart, Sloke and Dote. This event is a collab w/ Donny Salinas.

Day 2, Saturday, 2 days of group painting commences at The Paintyard, 525 San Pedro, with DJ Vicious spinning and hostess B-girl Star. We will paint community walls up and down the corridor of San Pedro where TPY/Universal Style School are located.
This day will be punctuated in the evening by an artist panel where participants will dialogue on the transformative potential of arts and culture.
Together with DJ Vicious and Nik Soupe, we wil host a special after party Hip Hop jam for event participants and community- at Tacoland on the River. Featuring turntablists, live emcees. And of course, MORE LIVE PAINTING.

Day 3, Sunday, we will block off the street behind the Paintyard for a community Block Party Jam, free and open to the public. The Art of War will host b-boy/girl battles for prizes.
Hands-on activities, including wall drawing and painting for all ages of children, youth, and adults.
Food and arts vendors, sticker trade, skateboard and car club enthusiasts, bicyclists, and nonprofit neighbors and local residents.

Educators, teachers of all kinds are special invitees to CUP, to come learn about USS and our innovative educational model of Universal Style.

To apply for a space at this event, send your inquiry and 3 pictures of your works to

Call (210) 229-1707. Visit 525 San Pedro Ave, SATX.

Thank you from Universal Style School & TPY-Urban/The Paintyard

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