Daniela Riojas FotoSeptiembre

Daniela Riojas FotoSeptiembre
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Daniela Riojas FotoSeptiembre

Mercury Project
538 Roosevelt
06:30 pm




Mercury Project Gallery announces that they will be hosting “A Collection of Work” for multi-media artist Daniela “ZaaZaa” Riojas as her debut solo exhibit. The opening reception will take place on September 18, 2014 at 6:30pm.

“A Collection of Work” will include themes from previous series such as personal myth (“BloodHistory” 2012) cultural displacement and immigration reform (“Dysplacia” 2011), reclamation of pre-colonial spirituality and Jungian introspection (“Being and Becoming” 2014), and documenting the undocumented. The exhibit will include artwork through various media including photography, videography, and sound. Riojas demonstrates a deep introspection through Latin culture, history, and mythology.

In her latest work “Being and Becoming” Riojas explores a Jungian self-examination process that favors the rituals and practice of naturalistic spirituality and highlights the idea of the mother as way to balance the ubiquitous reverence of the father figure. Using a process of, “individuation through embodiment,” Riojas physically places herself in a mode of abstract worship as a way to connect to Latin female deities, which were once important shamanistic forces of death and rebirth; the images become vehicles for remnants of a lost spiritual history. Bringing them to the forefront of contemporary art likewise brings along Latin American mythologies which can help reconstruct a cohesive and collective consciousness rooted in nature and the understanding of the cosmic female.

“Exploring our ancient history is, in fact, an exploration of our deepest selves.”

Riojas began displaying her work in San Antonio in 2010 as founder, director, and curator of a collaborative community project, The Arts United, whose mission was to promote social awareness through art and literature. Since her involvement, she has become a strong advocate for local art in the San Antonio community. In April of last year, Riojas was recognized as a photographer who “demonstrates a quiet compassion that focuses on those who don’t quite fit the P.C. mold, and makes them shine,” by the San Antonio Current’s “Best of 2013” showcase. Riojas has had the opportunity to work with San Antonio’s former poet laureate, Carmen Tafolla, as well as award-winning author, Sandra Cisneros. The work displayed will exhibit Riojas’ trajectory over the past four years and share an important milestone in the art community of San Antonio.

For additional questions or media requests please contact curators or artist:

Antonia Richardson (210) 478-9133 | mercuryprojectsa@gmail.com
Lauren Trevino (210) 241-2073 | laurentrevino.design@gmail.com
Daniela Riojas (830) 776-1883 | zaazaaproductions@gmail.com

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