Dirty River Dixie Band

Dirty River Dixie Band
/ Jan

Dirty River Dixie Band

Sam's BUrger Joint
330 E Grayson
07:00 pm





One day a few of us were sitting around at Texas Lutheran University where we attended college. We decided to start a band that we could have some fun in and play a style of music that is usually not taught at conventional music schools. Our first show was under a gazebo in the downtown Seguin square were we quickly started to turn some heads. Since then we have played at a number of Texas music festivals and venues. We are led by co-band leaders Chris Alvarado and Kris Vargas. Our song bood consists of our own arrangements of Traditional Jazz and Blues tunes that emulate the sounds of Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Kid Ory, Jim Cullum and many more. Our primary goal is to have fun through music and to promote authentic jazz, dixieland, and blues. Help us rejuvenate a strong interest in an old past time by booking us for your event.

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