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Free Entry


Room 105
1333 Buena Vista
06:00 pm - 10:00 pm


ROOM 105 is an open format artist project space.

Please join us on the evening of Friday, May 19, 2017 as we feature artist and photographer, Chelsea Von Peacock.

Artists Statement

“As this body of work symbolizes and expresses my experiences of the past 10 months, the name of this exhibition explicates everything as one. On January 12, 2017 I donated my kidney to my cousin, Valerie; 30 years of age, with two failing kidneys. The process to see if I was a correct match, and a capable donor, took several months, in which I was preparing for a subtle, yet major change in my life. After a successful surgery, I am now seeing things in a different light, and have stepped into a new dimension for inspiration.

Receiving many flowers post surgery, I decided to save them and set my mind on creating something for those who helped me most; a thank you gift. I pressed the flowers with no intention of what I was going to do with them. During this time, I was also experimenting with Polaroid emulsion transfers, using polaroids that came out defected/blank or over/under exposed. I found inspiration in my self-gratitude and upon a moment of reflection I had decided. In representation of new opportunity and the surgery itself, I wanted to save the original exterior polaroid appearance and kept the wet emulsion inside of the polaroid. I then transplanted the flowers inside, sometimes ripping, warping, and stretching the emulsion. With time, Some of the flowers even changed color, further validating my project. When presenting the polaroid, I chose to use the metal springs I have saved from all my use of polaroid film cartridges to support the polaroid against the glass of the custom frame. Each piece is like a visual representation of the different feelings I had in the time leading up to surgery, well as the time recovering from it. As a whole, I wanted the peices to represent flesh (context ‘in the flesh’), exploration of self, strength, and hope.”

Food and assorted beverages will be provided.
We look forward to seeing you!!!

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