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San Antonio Zoo
3903 N Saint Marys St, San Antonio, Texas 78212
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On November 20th, the San Antonio Zoo will open a newly refurbished giraffe exhibit! The Zoo has been without giraffe for five years. It is time to bring back the majestic creature with an open, naturalistic exhibit with limestone cliffs as the backdrop. The Savanna exhibit will feature an exciting giraffe exhibit and feeding station. Guests will be able to feed the giraffe while providing great enrichment for our animals. The exhibit will have a shaded overlook supervised and interpreted by Zoo staff and volunteers. The exhibit will be part of a themed area featuring several species of African hoofstock and birds.

Imagine being eye-to-eye with the tallest land animal, truly an experience you’ll never forget. This fun encounter will be the San Antonio Zoo’s most interactive exhibit!

The San Antonio Zoo received a generous donation to name the Giraffe exhibit. We continue to raise funds for giraffes as we need $600,000 more to complete the project. To make a donation to the giraffe exhibit, please contact Dawn Koehler, Development and Public Affairs Manager at (210) 734-7184 ext. 1040, or email at

We appreciate the generosity of John and Bobbie Nau and Silver Eagle Distributors for their generosity as our title sponsor for the giraffe exhibit.

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