Jeffeweizen Beer Launch

Jeffeweizen Beer Launch
/ May

Free Entry

Jeffeweizen Beer Launch

Busted Sandal Brewing
7114 Oaklawn Dr, San Antonio, Texas 78229
05:00 pm - 09:30 pm


We’re excited to launch the newest beer in our La Chancla Series, the Jeffeweizen! Named after our talented Head Brewer Jeff, this new Hefeweizen is a smooth, flavorful and well-balanced brew that is perfect for drinking during our warm weather.
Be amongst the first to try it at our brewery during San Antonio Beer Week on Friday, May 19.
AND we’re gonna have a Raspberry Jeffeweizen cask which will officially kickoff our 2017 Chancla Cask Series!!!
Spread the word and as always, viva la Chancla!
FYI this Hefe is 5.5% ABV and the IBUs are 15. Nice and smoooth.

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