Johnny Boyd & His Sensational Swing Band

Johnny Boyd & His Sensational Swing Band
/ Oct

Johnny Boyd & His Sensational Swing Band

Sam's Burger Joint
330 E Grayson
07:00 pm


Johnny Boyd

The dossier is already on my desk when he walks through the door. I’ve been expecting him, passing the daylight hours reviewing the facts, piecing together the story. The years in the Phoenix Boy’s Choir, that explains the voice, smooth yet powerful, a crooner’s contralto.

Time passed quietly until he formed Indigo Swing in the early 90’s and hit the dance-band circuit, bringing boogie-woogie and jump-blues music back from the recesses of memory to a nation crazed with jitterbugging and two-toned shoes. This is when and how he learned the textured arrangements and evocative compositions that were pure jittersauce. That instinct for packing the dance floor remains, but no longer dominates.

By 2000 though, the swing revival was all dried up, and all those hepcats had some tough choices to make. The pretenders were the first to bail out, taking studio gigs or straight jobs to make their nut. It was the true believers, the old souls, who struck out on their own, taking their classic pop influences with them. Boyd was one of them.

In 2001, he released Last Word In, a collection of 12 original tunes whose varied styles marked a departure from his years with Indigo Swing, a look inward to his many influences, a stronger desire to connect with his listeners…and a deeper relationship with “The Muse”.

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