Nombre Chut Up Art Auction

Nombre Chut Up Art Auction
/ Nov

Nombre Chut Up Art Auction

The Phantom Room
2114 N St. Mary's
09:00 pm



In remembrance of the late necio co-founder Manuel Diosdado Castillo of San Anto Cultural Arts, “Nombre Chut Up Art Auction” will feature more than 30 artists to benefit cultural arts programming for San Antonio youth, while Dj Adlf and Ghostpizza will be setting the atmosphere with a variety of tunes on the dance floor. Through mentorships and collaboration of the San Antonio visual art scene, generations of artists come together for this one night to share their interpretations of in-your-face contemporary identity and cultural expression for the community. San Anto Cultural Arts is a non-profit organization that brings youth literary and visual arts programming to the Westside. For more info

Event cover is $3 for only 21 and up on Saturday November 21, 2015 at Phantom Room 2114 N. St. Mary’s St. San Antonio, Texas 78212.

Art Auction works by Isabel Castro, Jenn Alva, Jason PopGuy Ibarra, Rabbit Rye, Jose Sotelo, Mama Chiflada, Josh Perez, Adriana M. García, Supher, Chulita Vinyl Club, Aphro-Oner, Rigoberto Luna, Justin Cider, La Bean Dip, Josiah Amaze, Rachel Rainwater, Adolfo Acosta, Jr., Ruth Buentello, la jacalera solsticia, Paul Martinez, El SoloSol, Travis Bedwell, Cici Gonzalez aka “La Chula Chibi”, French, Andrea Vince, Nik Soupe, Gonzieee, Brittany San Miguel, Rae Cabello, Wiser-Aesthetks, Joey De Leon III, Maricela Olguin, Tommy Hopkins, Ricardo Briones, Universal Style School, Daniela Riojas, Ramiro Asebedo, Mari Hernandez, Danny Delgado, Alvaro Del Norte

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