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Outer Spaces
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Outer Spaces

318 Martinez St
09:00 pm


Outer Spaces:
While it may seem risky to judge a band by the quality of their music videos, watching Outer Spaces’ videos, like the one recently released for “I Saw You”, even on mute (like, say, while you’re at work) is enough to make you want more. Luckily, actually hearing the Baltimore band’s music will only strengthen your appreciation for their particular brand of hyper-articulate indie pop. “Words,” the third single from their LP A Shedding Snake, combines striking imagery (“I took my insides out//Left them all around the house”) with an immediate, infectious chorus and guitar playing far more delicate and melodic than that of most rock bands today.
While perhaps superficially Outer Spaces could be considered alongside ’90s revival bands of recent years (e.g. Bully, Summer Cannibals), there is an emotional directness and intensity to songwriter/singer/guitarist Cara Beth Satalino’s voice, which strengthens the impact of her music, bringing to mind the honesty of Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee) or Mitski (a Don Giovanni Records-alum in her own right). To listen to Outer Spaces’ music is to embody Satalino’s perspective on change, personal evolution, and “leaving behind what doesn’t serve you” (qtd. from an interview with Under the Radar). That A Shedding Snake is only the band’s debut further confirms that they have much more to say before slowing down.
– kexp, Seattle radio 2016


Alyson Alonzo:

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