Patricia Vonne

Patricia Vonne
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Patricia Vonne

Sam's Burger Joint
330 E Grayson
07:00 pm


Patricia Vonne

“Austin-based (San Antonio native) Patricia Vonne has released five albums that dance across the border, showing her to be a tough Texas alt-rocker with influences from her Mexican and Spanish heritage. On Viva Bandolera, she has compiled 17 of her Spanish-language songs. The sister of director Robert Rodriguez, Vonne has had roles in several of his movies, including the memorable bad-guy-butt-kicking Zorro Girl in his film Sin City.

With a powerful and versatile voice, Vonne adopts a Zorro Girl-like macha persona: the female bandit, a bandolera, or a torero, female bullfighter, as much as a Texan kick-ass rocker. Alt-Latino fans will immediately hear in her sexy lower register a striking similarity to the voice of Andrea Echeverri of the Colombian group Aterciopelados.

Vonne mixes acoustic guitar with a rock lineup including a stinging lead guitar. She also plays castanets on several tunes, adding their distinctive clacking percussion to this very evocative, lively sound.

The vibe here is often spaghetti western drama and romance, conjuring up big skies, epic tales and the lure of adventure. “La Huerta de San Vicente” sounds like a slow, dramatic dance in a hot Southwestern desert barroom, even if the underlying rhythm is Argentinian tango.

Vonne’s seamless and effortless mix of musical tradition is a reminder how intertwined the countries are and that they enrich each other. Here’s hoping Vonne’s music and this other Chicano hybrids can introduce more Americans to a part of their own culture”



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