Public Water Hearing

Public Water Hearing
/ Nov

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Public Water Hearing

Municipal Plaza
05:00 pm



On November 19, the San Antonio City Council will vote on the SAWS Proposed Rate Structure and 2 rate increases one which will directly pay for Vista Ridge. Right before this very important vote there was not a Citizens to be Heard on Nov. 4 and Nov. 11 Citizens to be heard that allow gente to speak their mind about different city issues and policies.

Join us for the public hearing about water issues in San Antonio! Make sure you come out and tell City Council what YOU think about the Water Rate Increases and the Vista Ridge Pipeline. Show up at the Municipal Plaza Building at 114 W. Commerce at 5 PM. We will do an action outside the building and then go in together as a community to speak. If you want to speak either let us know and we’ll sign you up or you can sign up before 5:50 PM.

We are asking city council to vote NO on the Nov. 19 votes on the SAWS Rate Structure and rate increases that will pay for the Vista Ridge pipeline and really hurt an average family. We also ask for City Council to push back the vote til the 3rd week of January so citizens can be more educated on these issues and be part of the deciding process.

The Vista Ridge Pipeline is an over $3 BILLION project that plans to take water from the Carrizo Aquifer for the next 30 years. This will affect not only the families that live in Burleson County and the other counties that use the Carrizo as a water source but also low income families and people on a fixed income in San Antonio who will have to pay more money for water in order to support building and maintaining the pipeline. LARGE BUSINESSES WILL PAY LESS and while using more water!

While SAWS and the city is saying that we need the extra water for future residents of San Antonio, there are plans to sell the surplus water to a water or other bottling company. Not only are current residents being forced to pay for water for furture residents but we will be paying for a water bottling company to sell the water at a profit.

Under the SAWS Proposed Rate Structure, an average family of 4 would pay $13.72 more a month for water. This means an additional $164.64 a year. What about households with 5,6,7,8 people? Large businesses will also be getting discounts on water and do not have incentives to conserve water.

The rate increases will increase rates 7.5% next year (2016) and over 40% over the next 5 years on top of increased rates due to the rate structure. Rate increases on top of rate increases will make it very hard for low income, working class and middle classes to pay for water.

Call your city council representative and tell them to vote NO on the new rate structure! Click for their number->

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