Randy Weston

Randy Weston
/ May

Free Entry

Randy Weston

Ruth Taylor Recital Hall
Trinity University
06:00 pm



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“I’m not a jazz musician,” “I’m really a storyteller through music.”
-Randy Weston

Pianist Randy Weston grew up surrounded by some of the greatest musicians in jazz. But it was his deep connection to Africa that inspired his personal style of music.

“I search for the traditional music wherever I go. I try to find the oldest musicians I can find,” he says. “And I hear the foundation of what we do in the Western Hemisphere is coming from African civilization.”

“I want to hear the oldest music I could possibly hear,” he says. “The music of Africa is music that is totally in tune with the universe and the earth and the sky. Traditional people, their music is very difficult to imitate, because it’s the story of their lives.”

“This music is totally in touch with Mother Nature. Mother Nature is always improvising — it’s cold, it’s hot, it rains, it snows… this music is in touch with the universe.”

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