Resonant Interval Presents: Rob Mazurek’s Black Cube SP, (Open) Marriage, Blacknail

Resonant Interval Presents: Rob Mazurek’s Black Cube SP, (Open) Marriage, Blacknail
/ May

Resonant Interval Presents: Rob Mazurek’s Black Cube SP, (Open) Marriage, Blacknail

Nite Lite
714 Fredrickesburg Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78201
08:00 pm

The Nite Lite (714 Fredericksburg)
Friday, May 1st
Doors at 8 pm, music at 9 pm
$10 for adults, $7 for those 17 and under
Complimentary beverages provided by San Antonio Brewing Company to those 21 and over with valid ID.

Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SP (Chicago/Sao Paulo)

“For Rob Mazurek, the brilliant Chicago cornetist, composer and conceptualist improviser who has honed an international coterie of collaborators, the sudden and unexpected passing of his mother Kathleen Mazurek in May of 2013 set him on a quest to honor her bountiful spirit and acknowledge her transition to another realm. Not surprisingly, he found exactly what he needed in São Paulo, Brazil.

Working with five sonic explorers in Black Cube SP, a sextet that builds on the celebrated São Paulo Underground collective trio with drummer Mauricio Takara and keyboardist Guilherme Granado, he created Return the Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost, a startlingly cathartic and magisterial modern psychedelic spiritual that’s as riveting as it is ravishing.

The album is Mazurek’s latest breathtaking project on Cuneiform.
Compelled to compose in the days and weeks following his mother’s death, Mazurek brought the music to Brazil where he gathered with his long-time comrades for “a shamanistic journey where we sonically clear a path for my mother into the unknown to ensure her safe journey to the next,” he says. A series of communal rituals and transitional suites, recorded in one complete unedited session, the album unfolds with four lavishly textured pieces all running more than 16 minutes. Language, too, served its purpose, as his poem written in the aftermath of his mother’s loss gave the album its title.

Featuring Mauricio Takara on drums, cavaquinho and vocals, Guilherme Granado on keyboards, synths, sampler and vocals, Thomas Rohrer on rabeca, electronics, soprano sax and vocals, Rogério Martins on percussion and vocals, and MC Rodrigo Brandão on vocals, Black Cube SP brings together some of the most creative and resourceful musicians on São Paulo’s roiling music scene.

Forged during his eight-year sojourn in Brazil, Mazurek’s close ties with the players, who all work together in various overlapping bands and projects, meant that he could depend on them to help “process the loss in a ritualistic, cathartic way, through sound,” he says, noting that the music was all recorded at a studio owned by Takara’s family. ‘During these few days, we were all surrounded by the gravity of what had just happened, but were truly compelled to create an unearthly beauty together. This is a modern spiritual with all the beauty and sadness of life being pulled out of us beyond even our own known capabilities.'”

This is Rob Mazurek’s first San Antonio show of his 30-year career, as well as the closing date of Black Cube’s inaugural US tour.

(Open) Marriage

(Open) Marriage is an occasional mutation of the Austin adventurous rhythm post-punks Marriage. Extending their membership on this date to members of SSBT & Rad Left, (Open) Marriage swings further into free jazz and improv territory while holding onto their elemental multi-drummer base.


Blacknail is the San Antonio combination of drummer Mat Roy and modular synthesist Justin Boyd. Feeding Roy’s motorik patterns through the synth’s circuits, they present a fierce take on the post-punk/dub clashes of On-U Sound, The Bug and other punky reggae partiers.


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