Retro Pro

Retro Pro
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Retro Pro

R Gallery
725 S Presa
06:00 pm - 11:00 pm



R Gallery is proud to host “Retro Pro” First Friday, November 6, 2015 6pm-11pm

“Retro Pro” is a retrospective look at the art and artists exhibited by The Peep Hole Art Gallery between 1996 and 2002 plus a hand-picked collection of South Texas’ most progressive artists.
Artists: in no particular order

Mig Kokinda
Juan Miguel Ramos
K-C Rutherford
Phil Luna
Tyler Rutherford
Maurice & Liz Trevino
Danielle Cunningham

Lili Dyer
Ben Mata
Laurel Scott
Michelle Friesenhahn
Sarah Ford

with special musical guest “DiNola” from New Orleans
+ Twenty Dollar Temple from San Antonio

“The thought behind the Peep Hole art gallery was to have a space that was friendly yet professional enough that the artist would add it to their resume, whether it be portfolio or educational. Friendly meaning no long waiting list, no portfolio requirements, no hanging fees or anything of the such for the artists to get discouraged in entering the art field. Usually the best artists are closet artists with no professional training or schooling and would like to keep it that way. The Peep Hole makes it easy for those artists to come out of their artistic closet and share their talent with you, the general public. So get out there and support your local artists by going to art openings or any art related event to keep the arts alive in San Antonio”
K-C Rutherford
Peep Hole
Owner and Curator

R Gallery is sponsored by World Audio and Lights, the Ministry of Nightlife, Studio 103, Lone Star and Pabst blue ribbon beer.

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