Rock n Roll Brunch

Rock n Roll Brunch
/ Dec

Rock n Roll Brunch

Paper Tiger
2410 N. St. Mary's
03:00 pm



DAY SHOW!!! Doors have been moved to 3pm due to the Rock N’ Roll Marathon.


The Zeros (CA)
In 1977, The Zeros played their first major gig in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater. Opening the show was the first performance by The Germs, followed by The Zeros and then The Weirdos. The gig was promoted by Peter Case of The Nerves who later served as the frontman of The Breakaways and The Plimsouls. The Zeros’ first single release, “Wimp” b/w “Don’t Push Me Around” was released in 1977 on Bomp! Records.

In 1978, Penalosa left the band briefly to live and play in Los Angeles, and was replaced by Guy Lopez, Robert Lopez’s brother. Soon after, Robert left to live in Los Angeles as well and his brother quit the Zeros. Penalosa rejoined the band and they continued as a trio, and eventually relocated to San Francisco. In March 1979, the UK music magazine, NME, reported that “punk riots had come to the U.S., when Los Angeles police broke up a Zeros’ gig at Elks Hall.”[2] In 1980, the band recorded a new single, including the songs “They Say That (Everything’s Alright),” “Girl on the Block” and “Getting Nowhere Fast.” After more touring that led to Austin, Texas and New York, the band fizzled out.

Barreracudas (Atlanta)

Spray Paint (ATX)

Sons of Hercules (SATX)
if the Sons of Hercules had originated in late-1970s New York, they’d be venerated like the Dead Boys or Richard Hell in punk annals. A Different Kind of Ugly unleashes the same kind of muscular one-two blasted in that period, a neat trick for street-walkin’ cheetahs from San Antonio’s early 1990s. As tightly knit a musical outfit as they are, they still revolve around their lanky, charismatic frontman, Frank Pugliese, whose uncompromising love for 1960s garage rock soaks every track in anthemic beat. Among blistering new songs (“Numb,” “Brain Dead,” “Still Waitin'”), the Sons have covered the Lazy Cowgirls’ “Rock of Gibraltar” and the Saints’ “Misunderstood” with appropriate growl and panache. And these boys need no seal of approval to take their place as San Antonio’s premier garage band. They reclaim that turf the way the Alamo was won, with blood, sweat, and beers.

Us Weekly (ATX)

Spokesmodel (SATX)
– Spokesmodel is a band that makes music esque noises at you.
– Spokesmodel has band members.
– Spokesmodel is grammatically incorrect ( just like popular punk metal bands Korn and Limp Bizkit ).
– Spokesmodel once played a show with other bands that you may or may not have heard of.

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