Social Ride

Social Ride
/ Jan

Free Entry

Social Ride

The Beer Depot
1304 S Laredo St, San Antonio, Texas 78204
03:00 pm - 06:00 pm



**NEW TIME for fall back change. Meeting at 3p then rolling out by 4:15p to have some fun!***

Join us for a FUN-FILLED 2ND Saturday and some social cycling in the SA community, which gives residents & visitors an opportunity to cycle to locally owned & small businesses while responsibly enjoying a cold craft beer or drink of choice along the stops. We support local businesses, cycles, food, art and music in the San Antonio community. We’ve teamed up with Independence Brewing Co., Bottom Bracket Bicycle Shop & The Beer Depot for our meet up!! Featuring Independence Brewing Co. beer at every stop.
Stops to include: You’ll have to join us to find out!!

* @no more than 10mph. Casual pace.
*HELMETS are encouraged…ride safe!
*ID or Cash/credit for stops
*TUBES in case ya need to change a flat.

*MUST BE 21 to purchase/consume beer/alcohol beverages.*

**This is a NO-DROP Ride. We will have volunteers on this ride to assist with riders.

The KickStand SA rides with traffic and NOT AGAINST it. We stop at red lights, yield the right of way and let cars pass as best we can. We do our best to not block intersections unless needed. WE use our best cycling manners while riding & are polite to our fellow cyclists/drivers, let’s all be safe!! LISTEN TO the volunteers helping to lead the ride & do YOUR part to communicate with others!
If you have any questions about our bike laws, PLEASE visit this site below for reminders that you may need!!!

FRIENDLY REMINDER!!! OUR goal is to create a safe environment for all riders, but we unfortunately can’t control, every rider’s behavior. We encouarge personal responsibility, and it’s each rider’s responsibility to take care of themselves, and if they choose to ride with us, then they accept those risks inherent in riding a bicycle with a large social group of other people riding bicycles.

For any information, feel free to msg. The KickStand SA or email

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