Track Battles

Track Battles
/ Nov

Track Battles

Ventura SATX
1011 Ave. B
09:00 pm - 02:00 am


All night, emcees will perform ONE OG track, and we get to the the judge on their overall quality! The winner gets $100! DJ MV will also be present and spinning Zerk Tronic beat set, Gudetar beat set, and Open freestyle cypher late night.

Judging Criteria
Overall Quality: Coherence, structure, artistry, originality
Artistry: Imagination, Originality, Use of innovative techniques
Polished Lyrics: Attention to syntax, arrangement of ideas, metaphors and similes
Description: Scenes, settings, locations, situations, objects, human bodies, bodily gestures and movements, actions are vividly described.
Performance: Confidant and commands attention
Delivery: Clear, precise, tone is developed, and clear annunciation
Crowd Reaction: Creates energy the crowd can feel

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