TwoTenEmpire: Deer Vibes & YOSA

TwoTenEmpire: Deer Vibes & YOSA
/ Dec

TwoTenEmpire: Deer Vibes & YOSA

Charline McCombs Empire Theatre
08:00 pm



Deer Vibes & YOSA Present “The Nature Of” Album Release

Deer Vibes is a collective of musicians working to create a dynamic, flowing, and orchestral sound that simultaneously invokes both exhilaration and serenity in listeners. Adding brass and string instruments to the traditional band setup, Deer Vibes creates a tasteful blend of experimental and indie rock melodies that fill every inch of the air. The upbeat yet atmospheric and melancholic tones set Deer Vibes apart from other bands of their “genre” and continues to be the source of a musical innovation that is as diverse and ever changing as its members. Even visually, their live performances are a spectacle of energy and movement that demands a crowd’s interest.

Special Guest: Brandon Cunningham

TWOTEN EMPIRE is a six-show live music series, sponsored by Freetail Brewing Co., designed to spotlight a variety of local bands who contribute to the Alamo City’s thriving live music scene. Tickets for each concert are $10 in advance and at the door. The shows are all ages.
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