Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash
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Wishbone Ash

The Aztec Theatre
104 N St. Mary's
06:30 pm



Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash, one of the most influential guitar bands in the history of rock, returns to these shores in April and May 2015 for the first leg of their Pilgrimage North America Tour. Following spring and fall tours in 2014 that featured the group’s best-selling “Live Dates” album, this year Wishbone Ash will present classics spanning their 46-year career and showcase selections from their latest release, “Blue Horizon.”

After logging more than 20,000 miles touring North America last year, the group will begin their 2015 spring tour in Vancouver, British Columbia, winding down the West Coast of the US and then heading across the South – hitting cities that include Portland, Seattle, Oakland, San Juan Capistrano, Ramona, Phoenix, Austin and Dallas. Visit www.wishboneash.com/tourdates for the complete schedule.

“The ‘Live Dates Tour’ went just great,” says bandleader and founding member Andy Powell. “To play Texas and California out West, and Mississippi in the Deep South, for example, was really nice. You realize just how popular guitar-based rock is in these places. We aim to repeat the experience and build on it this year.”

The title of the 2015 tour is a nod to Wishbone Ash’s beloved “Pilgrimage” album, but it’s also a fitting way to describe the journey of sharing their music with audiences in a live setting. “We are looking forward to reconnecting with fans from the past who are just catching on that we’ve been touring non-stop for 46 years, to see and hear how we’ve grown while carrying the torch,” says Powell “And for our faithful fans who have walked with us consistently through the years, we have some special things in store to reach new heights in our relationship.”



More than any other city, San Antonio is the rock & roll crossroads of Texas, literally. Not only did Robert Johnson record in a hotel room here, it is the first major stop on the main drag out of Mexico, crisscrossed by interstates that connect coasts and countries. No wonder the city known as the birthplace of Texas liberty boasts a musical identity as mighty as the Alamo itself.
The shots fired by San Antonio in the rock & roll world of the 60s were still exploding in 1974 when ULTRA was born. That may seem like a broad reach for a city whose heaviest musical lines are bred through Latino and country, but San Antonio boasted a well-documented jazz and blues underground on the Chitlin’ Circuit that made rock & roll explode out of South Texas in the 1960s. What happened in the wake of the Beatles’ appearance altered the landscape for decades to come, and San Antonio’s young musicians reflected that.

Here, S.A. native Galen Niles began playing guitar in such seminal rock bands as The Argyles, The Outcasts, and The Pipelines before founding Homer, whose vinyl output ranks among Texas’ most collectible. Don Evans landed here from Arizona after high school and played with Sugar Bear’s Blues Band before fronting progressive blues rock favorites The Water Brothers in the late 60s, then joining a late lineup of Homer with Niles.

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