Lee Fields is taking San Antonio to Euphoria

Lee Fields is taking San Antonio to Euphoria

The first thing Lee Fields told me when I called was “It’s so good to hear your voice” and just like most people do when talking to Lee, I melted into his charm.

I’m a music lover, not a musician myself but I really wanted to find out how Lee Fields felt about his love of music, some insight on his latest album “Emma Jean”, and his thoughts on my hometown.


Lee Fields & the Expressions, April 2015 at Paper Tiger.


Puro: I know this is your second time in San Antonio and I just wanted to ask, how do you feel about coming back?

Lee Fields: I love San Antonio and the love that they gave was absolutely amazing and I’m so thrilled about coming back. I want to give, hopefully, the best performance of ever.

Puro: Did you get to spend any free time while you were here? Is there something you loved about being here?

LF: I loved the city itself, the vibe of the city. I got to see the Alamo. This time I want to look a little more into the city. It’s a beautiful city, I really enjoyed it. The crowd was really amazing, words can’t even describe.



Puro: Your latest album Emma Jean has been out for a little while now (released Summer 2014). Any super memorable moments while you’ve been out on tour?

LF: When I sing songs from Emma Jean, the audience gives so much love and response back that every night is a moment for me because the album was dedicated to my late mother, Susan. Every show is like an intimate show for me and it’s like I’m talking to mama, mama is watching the show.

Puro: Your love and emotions for your mom come through… You’ve even brought me and some grown men to tears while watching your show. I’m taking my mom to your show… She taught me my love of music.

LF: When I sing “Don’t Leave Me This Way” the audience knows exactly what I’m trying to say. Cherish your mother because it’s indescribable to tell you what it is without your loved one. You gotta cherish that love, cherish it, as much as you can. I see so many people today that don’t have their mothers and fathers, and you can’t put words on the value of those relationships.  There’s no words to describe them. It’s something that you gotta see. I feel sad for people that never knew their parents and perhaps they can get that kind of feeling when they have children.

When a child and their mother are too tight, there’s no way to describe that. You got the feeling. So when I’m singing those songs from that album, it’s almost like being with mom for an hour and a half. We’re joined together in spirit.

Puro: You’ve been called “Little J.B.” and have studied with one of the greatest and have many similar qualities as James Brown, and maybe you’ve noticed how close San Antonio is to Austin and how some people may consider us a “Little Austin.” Do you have any advice for us, as we’re sometimes referred to as the underdog?

LF: First of all, San Antonio is not the underdog. San Antonio has its own and it is its own. Certain locations I travel, I can feel different auras and vibrations from different cities. San Antonio is one of my favorites. You’re not the underdog by a long shot. I would advise anyone that has never been to that city, to visit. You guys got it going on and I’m so happy to make a second return.


Puro: Is there one thing you want to tell SA about the show this Thursday night?

LF: I want them to know that my main objective is to bring joy, and hopefully we can go to that place called Euphoria. We can get there, the fun of it all will be trying to get there and if half of us get to that place called Euphoria for just a moment you’ll never forget it, it’s going to feel so great. I believe we might just do it, as I recall the love San Antonio gave me the last time, I’m already hyped up! I’m ready to do it today! I wish it were Thursday already.



Lee Fields & the Expressions
With Kirk Thurmond & The Millenials and Rae Cabello

Thursday, March 31
Doors: 6 p.m. Show: 9 p.m.
Tickets $15

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March 30th, 2016

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