Pinche Güero Review #1: Lonely Horse – My Desert Son EP

Pinche Güero Review #1: Lonely Horse – My Desert Son EP


It’s uncommon, to say the least, that a band manages to craft an album that is equal parts poignant and powerful, ruminant and rockin’. San Anto duo (yeah, there’s only two of them) Lonely Horse have succeeded in doing just that on their debut EP My Desert Son. The five scorching tracks that comprise this album  far from your typical fire for fire’s sake  burn with pain, anger, and existential questions. The wild and wiry vocals of singer-songwriter-guitarist Nick Long ride atop the furious music, bringing their directly stated vulnerability to bear as you try to resist the urge to gyrate and throw shit. My Desert Son  penned by Long in the midst of an intense personal crisis  is never wasteful and seems to be exactly everything it needs to be, no more or less. Though each track stands strong on its own like some imposing megalith of old, this album is best when experienced and considered as a perfect whole. It’s the statement of a band that would crack open the sky if it could, but is content cracking open your head. With heart, skill, self-awareness, and energy to spare, Lonely Horse is entirely unique among local acts. It’s a hot and plodding journey through the desert, but these guys are showing us how to make your own oasis on the other side.

9 Micheladas out of 10

-Go get the album from the Lonely Horse Bandcamp:

-Also, the guys have gotten pretty far in the Hard Rock Rising Band Competition and are now representing Saytown as they compete against 94 other bands from around the world. If they win they will get a bunch of great gear, an album and a video done via Hard Rock Records, and a small world tour. So let’s rally behind them folks — they certainly deserve it! Cast your vote HERE:

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January 2nd, 2014