Pinche Güero Review #11 – Druggist 4

Pinche Güero Review #11 – Druggist 4

Pinche Guero Review #11 – Druggist 4 


(Note: El Guero, who likes to refer to himself in third person, only reviews releases from San Antonio because it’s the best city on the planet. And if I don’t do it, who else will? Druggist, however, is a band that lives in California. What gives? It’s simple. They’re from here and so their sound is “of here” and as long as they keep making music this good, we should all be happy to claim them for our own.)

Indie grunge-pop duo Druggist has always had a raw and fiercely individual sound, as melodramatic as it is straightforward. On their fourth album, creatively entitled 4, they show the versatility and imagination they exhibited recording with a host of others on 2009’s epic The Pile On — but for this one, it’s just core members Zach Dunlap and Blake Cormier. Their sound is clearer, more visceral, and more arresting than ever — see track five “Kristine.” Bringing together the lush vocal approach of The Pile On with the razor sharp focus, self-aware wit, and compositional purity of 2007’s There’s Already an Everything, this is the group’s finest record.

The album’s back end, in particular, is damn near perfection, from the seething “Don’t Save Me,” to the playful and groovy “I’m Looking at a New World,” to the alternately slinky and bashing “All My Life I’ve Wanted to Die” and the exquisite closer “Something About You.” Druggist is a band that has its roots firmly planted in internal chemistry and an ever-increasing confidence in their identity. As they grow more sure-footed, they grow looser and the songs become even better. These guys sound great and the best part is that they’re already planning on releasing a second album this year, entitled…

Wait for it… 5.

8 Micheladas out of 10

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August 8th, 2013

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