Pinche Güero Review #12: Lucas Jack, Sun City

Pinche Güero Review #12: Lucas Jack, Sun City

Lucas Jack is a San Antonio singer, piano-slayer, and songwriter with a rad story of corporate boredom cast off and artistic dreams pursued. On first listen, his sprawling debut LP Sun Citymight feel like a slick grab at the pop country sweet spot that has catapulted so many to befuddling stardom. But if you listen closer, you’ll hear a songwriter, lyrically adept at weaving the personal and the universal, who doesn’t have to struggle for honesty in his voice or clarity of direction in his compositions. You’ll hear an album of pop-polished, piano-driven, Hill Country ruminations that are mature within simple structures and endlessly accessible without succumbing to triteness. For all its jaunty jazziness and sing-along emotiveness, the most important thing that this record reveals is a brightly-lit pathway into the complexities of life as a person past the trial of college and the frenetic motion of their early 20s, struggling to define and achieve an individualized (and thus authentic) success. Lucas Jack is a gifted young songwriter, with a professionalism and sense of identity that promise to keep his unique gifts blooming before our eyes. Sun City is just a taste of what he seems capable of. Here’s hoping he doesn’t move to Nashville.

You can, and certainly should, catch Lucas Jack playing Sun City live at Sam’s Burger Joint December 12 at 9:30 PM.


7.5 Micheladas out of 10

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December 29th, 2013