RAW Natural Born Artists: Kimie Flores

RAW Natural Born Artists: Kimie Flores

As San Antonio redefines a new 21st Century identity, the arts seem to be a recurring focus of the entire city, but not just from the same interested groups. New art galleries and festivals, concert announcements, family activities in downtown parks, we can see the spread of music, dance, film & the visual arts happening all over town. With 6 months of near debilitating heat, indoor activities that connect us as a community are important and art is a fantastic solution.

In 2009, Heidi Luerra launched RAW, an event for undiscovered talent in fashion, art & music. Within a few years RAW spread from southern California to 54 cities across the country and has even spread to Canada, Australia and the UK. This Thursday night July 24th, RAW will host local & regional artists of all stripes from musicians to hair stylists to painters.

Scrolling through the list of talent I came across:


I read the bio of the artist responsible and again, my interest grabbed:

When I was young I was born prematurely, this resulted in many complications that confined me to live in multiple hospitals throughout my childhood. As a kid I was very fragile I normally was alone in secluded rooms, anything and everything was a possible danger…Growing up my flaws were the focus of my life so when I found a interest in drawing I began to understand that even when the odds are not in your favor the world can still be a beautiful place

I interneted Kim Flores of San Antonio to find out a little more about her and her process.

When I become interested in a project I do research on the subject matter. I look at different photos, sometimes I watch video clips, basically figure out what I need to know. After I collected my material, I mentally design the layout of what I’m thinking of painting/drawing… don’t get me wrong EVERYONE makes mistakes, over time I figured out different ways to hide mine… I tend to throw new ideas or scrap ideas that I feel are not fitting for the piece, and the most important part is to have fun. If you do not have a certain level of excitement for the piece it WILL show in the final outcome. I like to think of it as I am making a huge mess, yes it’s planned  but none the less it’s a mess of colors and ideas that I decided to throw together.

Here’s some things she’s been working on:

KimFlores2 KimFlores3


When thinking about RAW, there is one arrangement I can’t get over. Participants must sell twenty $15 tickets. That’s $300 local artists are being asked to give the RAW organization (based in LA). The money goes to pay for “production costs” (how about not flying people from LA to SA), but $300 is more than some artists will make this month or possibly all year from their art. In music, a stigma surrounds pay-to-play arrangements and is usually employed to prey on new bands.  Pre-sell ticket arrangements may not be a direct pay-to-play, and it might be a step up from battle of bands (eyeroll, VOTE FOR ME), but it remains a controversial situation.

RAW accomplishes one thing for sure though: Exposure. In the arts, exposure and networking are almost as valuable as talent. Artists need more access to venues and galleries and the experience of getting in front of eyes & ears. With an invested audience, this Thursday should be interesting. “If I had to identify with any (other) artists, I would have to say HR Giger, Hieronymus Bosch, Guy Aitchson , Paco Dietz. I find so much inspiration in their work it pushes me to want to learn the proper skills I need and also create my own style at the same time.” When asked where she’d like to take this journey, Flores replied: “I’d like to have a solo exhibition and eventually show around the US. Hopefully get some murals of my work out there and work towards opening my own gallery/store.

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July 22nd, 2014