#SACC 2017!

#SACC 2017!

Gabby the intern here! Last week I wrote about my thoughts on what to expect from my first ever Cocktail Conference, and let’s just say the experience surpassed my highest expectations! I only attended two cocktail conference events, but those two were enough to make an impact on me.

The first event I attended was Women Shaking It Up: Cookies and Cocktails on Wednesday, and it was amazing. There were delicious cocktails with girl scout cookie pairings at every corner. It was wonderful to speak with the chefs and bartenders to see what they were all about. I also had the ABSOLUTE BEST soup I have ever had in my 21 years of life thanks to El Mirador who let everyone try out their lĂ­mon sopa. I actually started to drink the soup because it was so good, a simple spoonful was not nearly enough. It was a very intimate event and I would suggest it to anyone who wants to give something new a go.

Even though I loved my first event, I loved my final event, Waldorf on the Prairie, one thousand times more! The cocktail party took place all throughout the the beautiful St. Anthony Hotel lobby area…you would not think it would take all night to get through, but it did. There are soo many drinks and food you just have to stop and try it all out. There was also live entertainment in EVERY SINGLE ROOM, you can’t help but dance. It was the most fun I have had, and it was super fun to dress up and meet all of the cocktail spokespersons. I actually met Tito of Tito’s tequila, and his puree cocktail was beyond delicious!

If there is one thing to take from my long blurb, it’s this: GO TO COCKTAIL CONFERENCE!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! #SACC2017

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Gabby Mata

January 16th, 2017

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