SA’s Downtown Backyard Party: Puro Pinche Pop Up presents Girl in a Coma

SA’s Downtown Backyard Party: Puro Pinche Pop Up presents Girl in a Coma

SA’s Downtown Backyard Party: Puro Pinche Pop Up presents Girl in a Coma

SA’s Downtown Backyard Party:

Puro Pinche Pop Up presents Girl in a Coma

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Nina Diaz, photo by Scarcliff Photography

How often do you see a backyard party surrounded by skyscrapers, a riverwalk, and one of the greatest bands to ever come out of San Antonio? Not often, but that is exactly what the team at Puro Pinche presented on Saturday evening at the plaza of the Weston Centre. Girl in a Coma rocked out to an intimate crowd of fans who rushed online to grab tickets to Puro Pinche’s first pop up concert. The venue was left unannounced until a few hours before the event, but the loyal fans of Girl in a Coma and the ever growing followers of Puro Pinche helped to create a unique atmosphere for the ladies of Girl in a Coma to rock out at. “This is just like a party in our backyard with friends,” said Jenn Alva, bassist/backup vocals for Girl in a Coma, when asked what made this concert different from other venues they’ve played.


Jenn Alva, photo by Scarcliff Photography

While the venue was unique, don’t let Jenn’s nonchalant answer fool you, the ladies still played with passion and a dedication to their brand of music worthy of any large venue. They played a new song, “Here and Now”, which Nina Diaz (lead vocals/guitar), asked the crowd to “bear with us,” but it needed no introductory caveat as the sound was refined with playful, punk/surfer-esque guitar riffs, a smashing, steady drum beat, and a subtle, but stout harmony and vocals that showed an imaginative mix of artists such as The Smiths, Dick Dale, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Phanie Diaz, photo by Scarcliff Photography

Girl in a Coma, also performed a cover of Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs’ “Li’l Red Riding Hood”, which was a hauntingly, lovely rendition of the 1960s hit. Nina delivered the lyrics with an oxymoronic sultry innocence that left the impression she was just as cunning and charming as the wolf from the fairytale. Girl in a Coma’s “Lil Red Riding Hood” cover (fan video).

The highlight of the night was Girl in a Coma’s performance of “Their Cell”, off of their 2007 album, Both Before I’m Gone. The song was a perfect selection under the starry, downtown night. It was as if Girl in a Coma sought to lullaby the crowd into a haze of flawlessness.

One last note, the Diaz sisters’, Nina and drummer Phannie, gave a shout out to their parents who were in the audience, and when asked before the show, how long they have been fans of Girl in a Coma, Mrs. Diaz replied with a large, gleaming smirk, looked over at her husband and said, ”since birth, we made them.” Are they proud of their daughters? With another wide smile, “Oh Yes!” exclaimed Mrs. Diaz. Their larger San Antonian family and fans, Puro Pinche followers, and this guy are too.

– Rafael Gonzales


Shashamani Soundsystem, photo by Rafael Gonzales Jr.


The Weston Centre downtown San Antonio, photo by Rafael Gonzales Jr.

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September 8th, 2013

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