Win tickets to AFI at The White Rabbit January 25th!

Win tickets to AFI at The White Rabbit January 25th!


Leave a comment with why you want to go see AFI at The White Rabbit on Wednesday, January 25th and be entered to win TWO tickets courtesy of Twin Productions!

Winner will be chosen at 4 p.m. today, January 10th!

Happy Friday Folks!


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January 10th, 2014


  • Jaime Monzon

    Because I love AFI and I’ve never seen them

  • kristi alva

    I saw AFI back in 2003/2004 at Warped tour, I was but a lil baby teen, 25 years old now and I would love the chance to see them again. Seeing them would bring me back to a time of my youth, music played such an important role in my growing up. Broke college girl full time worker, needless to say I hardly have extra money for fun activities. Always enter contests, but lady luck never graces me with her presence, which means I always see another person’s name on the winning post when it should be my name. Lol. If I win these not only will I be a over ecstatic girl you will also make my best friend a happy camper since we have been discussing our brokenness and wanting to see AFI. Also, it will be a great way to let go and just have fun and not have a care in the world for the night.

  • Jesse Morin

    AFI was the first concert I took my 23 year old brother to when he was younger. My youngest brother is 16 and has never been to a concert. It would be awesome to have the experience to take my youngest brother to see his first concert, and it being the same band I took my other brother to see.

    • Puro Pinche

      Congratulations Jesse Morin! You win. Make sure to take a photo of you and your little brother enjoying a great new memory. Your name will be at will call day of the show at the Rabbit! Email us if you need anything else

      • Jesse Morin

        Awesome!!! Thank you thank you thank you

  • Kassandra

    I have never had the opportunity to see AFI and it would be a great date opportunity for my girlfriend.

  • Sarah Lee

    Yes! Just made an account, I want to win my first pair of PuroPinche tix!!!

  • 210LocalMusic

    I’ve never seen AFI live before, so this would be awesome if I won. Plus, I’ve been under house arrest with allergy and asthma issues, so this would be my getting out of the house celebration show.

  • Nick Rivas

    Ok, I just want to win, please!!! I will buy you a brew!

  • Natasha

    I’ve been a fan since day one! I used to bartend and jam AFI every night in the bar whether they wanted to hear it or not! I would loooove to seem them live! 🙂

  • Susan

    Hey! Miss Murder of negative energy here would love to win. Im from NYC and new in town and need to get out more…winning would make my day (home sick with terrible lady pains right now) 🙁