Women in the World 2016

Women in the World 2016

Women in the World has returned to San Antonio, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to go! With several panels, there was no shortage of topics hit, but one thing remained consistent: The undeniable fact that women are important, and we are a driving force in making a difference in the world.

I know there is nothing as engaging and thought-provoking as listening to these ladies speak, but I want to try to briefly touch on a couple of things that came to light. I learned that great women are selfless and do not give up. They also fight for what is right! Many of the speakers from the various panels had literally suffered through their own living hells, and yet somehow that did not make them bitter – it made them powerful and ready to come back stronger than ever. In fact, their struggles have inspired them to make the world a better place. They have actually succeeded – but they aren’t planning on stopping yet. Here they are:

Masih Alinjad has been exiled from her home country and her family in Iran for fighting for women’s right to choose to wear the hijab. Despite losing everything, she is still fighting and making an even bigger impact by founding “My Stealthy Freedom,” and spreading word about women’s struggles in Iran.

Sandra Uwringiyimana was the victim of war attacks on refugees in the Congo, and instead of feeling sorry for herself, she is 22 and seeking justice and safety for those at risk in Africa by talking to political leaders around the globe.

Sgt. Randi Gavell and Coporal Sarah Rudder, who are dealing with the mental and physical pains that war thrusts upon those involved. PTSD and the loss of a leg could not stop these two, and they are talking for those who can’t and those who won’t.

Sarah Evans who gave up her job as a lawyer to create “Well Aware,” an organization that creates sustainable wells for those without water in Africa.

Go live by their example, never give up on what’s right, and always help out where you can! From this, success will follow!

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Gabby Mata

November 14th, 2016

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