Club Curations Vol. 17 – Ernest Gonzales

Club Curations Vol. 17 – Ernest Gonzales
Release date
06 January 2017
Ernest Gonzales
Club Curations Vol. 17 – Ernest Gonzales
06 January 2017 | Electronic

Club Curations Vol. 17 – Ernest Gonzales

by Lori Martinez, Founder of Club Curations
Ernest Gonzales is what I would call a renaissance man of music and it’s difficult for me to really put into words how important his contributions to the digital music and DJ scene have been over the years but I’m going to try my best.

With his hands in all facets, he wears many hats and artist personas. Not only is Ernest a top DJ with an amazing track selection, he is also an experienced music producer. One face of his productions hails as the famed Mexicans With Guns – coming through with an eclectic arsenal of bassy electronic cumbia sounds with live performances that showcase the aggressive but captivating nature of the music. Ernest also produces under his given name with a softer side that includes very ethereal bass indie electronic vibes. He is founder and owner of Exponential Records and has released numerous albums and tracks that have garnered a huge fan base.

On top of DJing, producing, and being a record label boss, Ernest is a huge advocate in sharing the digital production and DJing knowledge. Over the years he has held Digital Music Production workshops and has been involved with The AM Project which is a Digital Music and Arts Non Profit program for children. He is also part Sub.Culture; an Underground Bass Music Collective of producers where he and his crew actively throw numerous shows throughout the year that include live performances with thrilling visually projected art.

The mix Ernest has provided us is such a wide ranging pleasure to jam to. You’re going to love this one – just peep the tracklist.

To listen and purchase Ernest Gonzales’s newest album, “Dreaming in Color” released on Exponential Records, CLICK HERE.

Exponential Records Website
Sub.Culture Soundcloud
Mexicans With Guns Bandcamp

1. Romare – Down the Line
2. Mosca – Tilt Shift
3. Hovatron – Young Blood
4. Lazersword – Tar
5. Luke Vibert – L Tronic
6. Amon Tobin – Get Your Snack On
7. Myd – Again
8. Modeselektor – German Clap
9. Astronomar – How We Live
10. Kode 9 – Uh
11. Gold Panda – Reprise Remix
12. Salva – Rest in 3 Piece
13. Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some Mo
14. Cardopusher – Pupusa Kid 606 Remix
15. Aphex Twin – Cornish Acid
16. James Blake – Sparing the Horse
17. Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team – I Be
18. Sophie – Just Like We Never Said Goodbye
19. Dorian Concept – Toe Games Made Her Giggle
20. Nina Las Vegas – Birthday
21. Siriusmo – Bad Idea
22. Jazzsteppa – Two
23. Machinedrum – Do It 4 U

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