Gravelmouth presents: “RAW TOONS” ART SHOW

Gravelmouth presents: “RAW TOONS” ART SHOW
/ May

Free Entry

Gravelmouth presents: “RAW TOONS” ART SHOW

1906 S Flores St, San Antonio, Texas 78204
07:00 pm

Gravelmouth is excited to be hosting “RAW TOONS” all new paintings by one of San Antonio’s most recognizable artist, Robert Tatum, of Tatum Originals.

“As a kid I was inspired by non-traditional ‘famous” text book artists that we were taught to acknowledge in art classes in middle school and high school. But while I was taught to take inspiration from the masters such as Miro, Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, etc., I found early 20’s and 30’s American animators more fascinating. The vivid imaginations of these cartoonists led to the invention of such characters as Felix the Cat, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Sluggo, Nancy, and Bosco. Later on I was inspired by R. Crumb, Gary Panter, Nicola Cuti, Rick Griffin and Clay Wilson, the 60’s and 70’s underground comics which brought strange humor, clever icons with “bumper sticker” one liners and visuals with a punch.

This series is a blatant representation of literal characters of a small group of animators that, in my mind, were a part of a Cult Art Movement that has inspired pop-artists, street and contemporary, low brow artists for generations. They are icons, which I enjoy exploring and morphing them into my art and visual interpretations, reflecting my life. I invite you to connect to the characters that may be familiar to you and have fun the context I have put them in.”

-Robert Tatum

So join us at Gravelmouth Gallery this Second Saturday for an entertaining evening of Art, Music, and raunchy conversation. Music will be provided by Sweedish Erotica, adult beverages and Ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon will be served between 7-10pm. looking forward to seeing everyone there!


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