Las Comadres Amtrak Trip with Puro Pinche & Que Means What

Las Comadres Amtrak Trip with Puro Pinche & Que Means What

Amtrak San Antonio is located right behind the historic Sunset Station in the heart of downtown San Antonio.


Is it really almost October (am I already seeing tamales memes)?
Where did summer go (thanks hurricanes and torrential rain)?
Is it really even basketball season without the Spurs Big 3 (we miss you Manu, Tim, and Tony)?
And can I get another trip or two in before saying bye bye to 2018?!!

My Comadre in Crime Melanie, of, and myself, Stephanie of, decided to take a quick girls trip to get inspired, visit a city with some latino charm, and get more travel blogging under our fajas (that’s belts, y’all)! We’ve traveled to the same destinations at the same times (like Hispanicize in Miami and SXSW in Austin) but had never taken a trip together from start to finish. I love that Melanie was able to join me on my first Amtrak trip because we help push each other’s creativity and balance each other’s workloads. I knew we would have a great time together while capturing muy exciting content!
So first rule of the Comadres Club? Talk about EVERYTHING! Check out what we think you should know when traveling by train:

Andale! Away we go on our first Amtrak trip!

5 Things to Know when taking an Amtrak with your Comadre:

  • 1. The travel is in the details – Know your itinerary before you go. Amtrak sends you an e-ticket with your departure/arrival time, train number and cabin or seat number. You will need this information throughout your trip so take a photo or print it and keep it with you.  Amtrak allows you to take two carry-on items and two personal items with you free of charge. You can also check two bags at no cost but we only had a day and a half in Tucson so we *tried* to pack light. We stored our carry-ons downstairs and took our personal items with us in the roomette. Our total travel time to downtown Tucson from downtown San Antonio was about 18 hours. We left at 2:45 a.m. so we were actually able to sleep for a good six hours when we departed and then we were up for chilaquiles and chisme!
  • 2. The accommodations – Thanks to the awesome people at Amtrak who sponsored our trip, we were put up in a roomette that includes two seats that can be turned into bunk beds, a picture window, one electrical outlet (bring a power strip if you have multiple things to plug in), bottled waters and personal service all in a private room – shout out to Ephrain and Lisa for keeping it 100 with our service and for keeping us on time! If you book a roomette, be prepared to get cozy with your comadre! To take up less space, Melanie and I planned in advance to bring things we could share, like snacks, drinks and our content capturing gear (cameras, plugs, laptop, chargers, etc). If you don’t like small spaces, negotiate your way into the bottom bed!
  • 3. La Comida – If you happen to not be so pinche and splurge a little on a roomette for your trip, you can feel better by knowing all your meals are included! All of the food was tasty. The menu doesn’t change from trip to trip but there are plenty of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can have something new each time.  If you want to save some dinero or you get hungry often, you can also bring your own snacks and drinks (you just can’t take them into the dining car). I may or may not have brought some mini bottles of liquor and limes to play bartender in our room with (which is completely acceptable, btw). 
  • 4. The Destination – For this trip, we coordinated with Amtrak to experience a long distance trip to somewhere loaded with latino culture so we chose Tucson, AZ. The great thing about taking Amtrak was being able to easily get on and off at each stop along the way without having to worry about finding out where to park and how much it costs. We had our hands free while traveling to take all these awesome photos and some time to take in the views in Alpine and El Paso, TX.  We found the station easily in downtown San Antonio behind the historic Sunset Station and arrived in the middle of downtown Tucson, AZ (directly across from Hotel Congress where we frequented both nights)!
  • The Views on/off the train -When you travel by car, you have to pay attention to the road, the drivers around you, the niños yelling in the back seat, figure out where the next taco stop is y mas. When you travel by Amtrak, you get to take a break from the hassles of driving and enjoy the view! From San Antonio to Tucson, we saw miles and miles of desert, mountains, small towns and even colorful buildings in Mexico. We could see all of this from the picture windows in our roomette and during meals in the dining car. And there’s also a lounge car with a mix of table seating and comfy chairs and ceiling to floor windows! You get to see the sights outside but inside views include new people. During meals you’re seated with as many people as it takes to fill the 4-top tables so you’ll want to bring along your cheesy conversation starters. And in the lounge car you can bring games and invite your new riding amigos to join or just take some time to yourself. We met people who were from Metairie, LA all the way to San Francisco and loved hearing the stories of each and every one. My favorite new friend was Cocoa and you can see why in the photo below!
My new amiga, Cocoa. I heard she’s insta-famous. 

Our trip was super rapido but 10/10 would do it again! 

Checkale our video on Puro Pinche’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see fotos y recuerdos from our trip! Thanks to Amtrak for sending us… Las Comadres will ride again! Where to next and who wants to join us?!
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September 26th, 2018

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